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DMIX Top 100 Digital Brands
For College Students

DigitalMediaIX introduces its DMIX Power 50
list. It ranks brands popular with college
students and their connection with digital
media based on overall affinity, engagement
through various social media platforms, and
college students'reliance on these platforms.
There are lists for both the US and China.

College Student Survey

Compare your brand preferences to other
college students...

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Featured Report
College Students in China:
The Next Generation of Consumers

With 1.3 Billion people, China represents an alluring market to international brands looking for business growth opportunities. Of significant interest and the subject of this report is the next generation of consumers, especially the ones that will have university educations and be the primary force of professional workers in the near future. Universities in China now have an estimated 30 million students.



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Photos Courtesy of UW-Madison Archives

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