DigitalMediaIX’s objective is to provide primary research, market analysis,
and perspective on digital media and how it contributes to brand affinity and
customer acquisition. Digital media has emerged as the fastest growing
segment of corporate marketing and promotional spending. Company web
pages, search (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), social media (Facebook and
LinkedIn), electronic communication (Twitter and emails), video and photo
(YouTube and Flickr), and mobile apps are all part of the digital media
ecosystem. Also included are the tools that enhance the various forms of
online media, such as analytics, search engine optimization, and digital media
management systems.

We recognize the importance of listening to customers and providing market
intelligence that meets critical industry needs. In a dynamic market like
digital media you need to approach problems from different perspectives to
get a true understanding of markets and channels. Distilling this information
into data that can allow for effective decision-making is our objective.

We are committed to:

  1. Putting the customer first.
    Listening to and understanding your
    needs will allow greater satisfaction from
    our services.
  2. Integrity and trust.
    We respect company relationships and
    develop them so we can effectively be
    part of your marketing efforts.
  3. Delivering high quality market intelligence.
    We are determined to provide data your
    company can rely on to support critical
    descision making.

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